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Differences between Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting

Differences between Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting

You have made the decision of choosing a sewer cleaning company. Probably you noticed that you have some sort of issue in your drainage. Maybe it’s clogged, maybe it is old. There could be a lot of things happening down there. What do you think is the best option to go about cleaning your sewer? Hydro Jetting and Power Rodding are the options most companies will offer when offering their services. However, it is important to know the difference between both of them and also which one will be the best. Here we have the differences between Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting.

Power Rodding

Power Rodding involves a more technical involvement with the cleaning of your sewage. Getting rid of anything that is blocking your drainage needs a lot of strength, especially if it has been building up for a lot of time. A lot of people don’t realize that the biggest clogging issues arise because there’s a lot of dirt build-up inside their drainage for years now. With Power Rodding Chicago, a lot of Sewer Companies in Chicago use a specialized machine that drills and destroys anything that is affecting your drains. Just like the name implies, it uses rods with huge power to eliminate anything bad. This one is very good to use if whatever is blocking your drain is maybe harder than you think. With this machine, you won’t have to worry about anything. It will be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Drain Rodding Chicago is a nice option, especially if you have been without proper sewer cleaning for a long time.

Hydro Jetting

This option isn’t as aggressive as the first one. While Power Rodding uses a machine to get rid of everything. Hydro Jetting, on the other hand, uses high-pressure water. The great thing about Hydro Jetting Chicago IL is how quick it also works. The pressure that is applied in the water to clean your drainage is huge. It’ll dissolve anything that is causing any clogging around. This option is good if you have a business for example. While home sewer systems also take their toll with everything that goes through them, businesses take a lot more. So, Hydro Jetting is something that you can have on a constant basis to keep your drainage clean.

At the end the final decision is the one you’ll choose but also the one that your Sewer Company in Chicago recommends. By evaluating your situation a variety of offers will be presented and all of them will work in a certain way. Both options are perfect, however, it is always great to be informed before making a choice. These are the differences between Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting. If you have any other questions remember to contact us for the best Sewer and Drain Cleaning Chicago.