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At Abarca Sewer we are always available.  In this sense, we work  24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.  We have provided uninterrupted service for over 20 years. That is why, we are a leading company in cleaning drains and repairs in sewer lines, and more. Besides, we provide residential and commercial services.  In this sense, we are capable of solving problems of drainage obstruction of any kind.

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Our Drain Cleaning Services

Kitchen Drain Clogged

Kitchen drains can become clogged with accumulation of grease, soap, or debris. But, our team can solve it. We can remove all the debris that causes clogging. Also, we will completely restore your kitchen sink drain.

Bathroom Drain Problem 

There are many reasons that clog your bathroom drain.  But, our specialists are in charge of solving all kinds of problems. From hair clogs, to accumulation of soap and toothpaste. Surely, we solve all kinds of challenges in the bathroom sink.

Bathtub Drain Cleaning

The drainage of the bathtub covered represents a serious problem. Also, anything can cause obstruction: toys, hair, soap and more. So don’t worry and let our experts deal with it.

Floor Drain Obstruction

Do not worry about anything! Certainly, our team has the ideal solution. In addition, we can handle any type of obstruction.

Outdoor Drain Problems

We are ready to deal with obstructions and problems with outside drains. Also, we focus on gutter cleaning. Additionally, we clean underground sewer pipes to prevent water from returning to your home. We also locate obstructions in external pipes.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Your business drain can have draining problems. And, it can cause so many inconvenients. Many wastes can accumulate in the pipes and drain lines and must be solved immediately. We certainly take care of cleaning commercial sewers and drain lines.

Residential Roof Drains

We completely take care of cleaning the roof drains of your home. Don’t worry about everything. We will certainly do it effectively.

Commercial Roof Drains

It is very common for the roof drains of your business to collapse. For this reason, we offer the best commercial roof drain cleaning service.


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Always Available

We are always there for you. That is why, we are always available to provide the best emergency drain services in Chicago.  Also, we can provide excellent ongoing maintenance for drain systems in your house or business. Thus, you can avoid future drain problems.

We take Drain Cleaning Service Seriously!

Due to the fact, that drain problems can cause extensive damage to your property, we don’t take anything for granted. We offer high quality drain cleaning chicago. In this sense, we work from simple leaks in the toilet, to complex repairs in the drain system. So, there is no impossible task for our team; certainly, we will solve it quickly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Question

How are drains cleaned?

If it is a simple unblocking job, specialists will clean the drainage using a motorized drainage auger. Fortunately this can clear almost any size of blockage within a pipe. But, if a more thorough cleaning is needed, professionals may need to inspect the pipes on video so they know how to fix the problem. Fiber optic cameras travel along the drainage pipe and send images to a monitor. This helps the specialist to see the inside of the pipe. This way, the problem can be determined and cleaning can be done. 

What is used to clean drains? 

One of the main tools for drain cleaning is a hydro-jet. This device places the water at extremely high pressure. The hose is inserted into the drainage pipes and the force of the water travels inside the pipes eliminating almost all types of blockage. 

How often should i clean my drain?

To avoid clogged drains, overflowing toilets or other drainage problems, it is important to have regular preventive maintenance performed by a qualified specialist. It is recommended that household drains be professionally cleaned once every two years. However, cleaning for areas such as sewers or basement drains should be more frequent. Now, if the plumbing system is older, drain cleaning should be more frequent. Just as you should take into account whether there are roots inside the pipe.  It is important to identify the drains that may be most critical, so that all preventive maintenance can be done. 

Why do you need a drainage professional?

Proper cleaning should be done by a professional.  Not only because they have the necessary equipment, but also because they know what types of chemicals to use so as not to damage the pipes or the environment. Remember that an inadequate cleaning can cause serious damage and therefore add an extra expense that goes out of control of your budget.