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drainage cleaning in gary

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At Abarca Sewer, we have practical and efficient methods. As well as, new techniques to solve all drain problems. 

We are all updated. This keep us ahead in our industry. We practice a highly ethical environment and workmanship.  

For each one of our customers, we offer a touch of class. It means, we give our clients top notch service, satisfaction, and guaranteed. 

We have over 20 years in sewer and drain cleaning. We specialize in power Rodding, hydro jetting, and camera inspections.

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The Causes of Sewer Line Issues

1. Clogs

Clogs are known to be the most common cause of sewer line issues. This is because different kinds of materials can collect in your pipes and form blockages. Why is this a problem? If there are blockages, water won’t flow as easily as it should.

2. Tree Roots

It’s common for tree roots to penetrate pipes since they seek moisture. This can be a serious problem because the tree roots will prevent your plumbing system to work properly.

3. Collapsed Pipes

All pipes will eventually deteriorate, which is normal. In case this occurs, you have to replace the collapsed pipes immediately. 

Do you need a Sewer Line Inspection?

  • If your home is older than 8 years or if you haven’t had the sewer line inspected in over 7 or 8 years, it’s best to hire a drain line inspection service.
  • Check if your home’s sewer liner has been there for more than eight years.
  • It’s a must to get your sewer line inspected if you’ve noticed problems such as clogged drains, slow drains, and clogged toilets

What to expect from a Sewer Line Inspection

Our sewer line inspection service starts with a video camera inspection. For this, our sewer cleaning experts will run a video cable down your sewer branch lines. After capturing the images, our experts will understand what they’re dealing with and will come up with a plan to solve your sewer line problem.
drainage cleaning in gary
Best drain camera inspection
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Why People Choose Us

Best In Gary, In

Best In Gary, In

More than 20 years in drain cleaning business. We offer best service at affordable prices!


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Our History

Sewer Cleaning Gary, IN

We are a family company at heart. We love the community, families, and business in Gary, In. This is what has have kept us working for over 20 years. Abarca Sewer will always offer quality service.

Sewer Cleaning Gary, IN

We are proud to be a minority owned business. We provided professional & emergency drain cleaning services.  Above all, we value responsibility to our community.

Our History

Our drain experts can solve all types of sewer and drain problems.

drainage cleaning gary

Sewer and Drain Blockages

Sewer and drain blockages

Blocked drain cause flooding  that can damage to your home. Our experts will face the problem.

drainage cleaning gary

Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections

Sewer and drain Camera inspections

Our technicians can see any problems in the pipe. It can be  root intrusion, corrosion, cracks, punctures, or misaligned sections.

Our most effective High Power Rodding technology. Our system does not overload delicate pipes.

If your main drain is very obstructed we have the best hydro jet service.

We locate the sewer line to determine the depth and direction of your sewer pipe. In this sense, we locate your septic tank.

There is not difficult job for our experts! Get your new drain pipe today! 

Forget about water problems. Our specialists are ready to install, maintain and repair wells and pumps.

When pipe is totally blocked we need to remove it. Be sure you will get the best service.

Our Work


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Camera Inspection from Sanitary Stack to City Sewer

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Power Rodding Mainline from Clean out Station

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Hydro Cleaning a Sewer Line

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Drainage Cleaning in Gary

Our sewer and drain services in Gary can help you with everything you need. We start with a video camera inspection. Our sewer and drain technicians run a video cable down sewer branch lines. These branch lines lead from your drains into the main sewer line. Then, with the images captured, our technicians can handle any sewer and drain line problems, such as clogs, cracks, and more.
Our drainage cleaning company in Gary offers you excellent service. Need sewer line cleanout? We can handle everything from repairing to installing plumbing systems. Likewise, our plumbing services are personalized so that you benefit the most from it.
Also, we offer emergency repairs in case you need assistance. We are ready to meet all your plumbing needs since we can handle any project. Our certified plumbers in Gary have years of experience. So, why wait? If you hire a professional drain cleaning company in Gary, satisfaction is guaranteed. Moreover, our plumbers will assess you throughout the process in case you have any doubts. Don’t let your clog turn into an expensive plumbing issue. Our skilled team offers the best drain cleaning services.
Furthermore, it may sometimes be necessary to request the permits demanded by the city of Gary. Most accesses include entering something into any part of the city’s sewer. Even putting a camera into a sewer requires authorization. However, lifting a manhole cover for a visual inspection doesn’t require authorization. This is as long as the plumbers don’t break the plane of the manhole. Either way, our experts will make sure to have the necessary permits before they get started on your project. Remember you don’t have to wait until you have a problem. You can ask for our services as a prevention for the future.

Best Sewer and Drain Service in Gary, IN

Surely, we can solve all kind of Sewer and drain problems. Also, we are licensed and insured. Moreover, we have over  20 years serving our community with passion and dedication.

Also, we offer a reliable team who can solve drain problems of all kinds. Besides, we can repair a main sewer line or a drain line. We always have a team ready to assist you. Moreover, our rates are affordable. 

Additionally, we adjust to your needs and time. Furthermore, we are also proud to offer quality work . So, trust us! And, you will get a personalized service. Also, you will get the best results!

drainage cleaning in gary

We are experts in Maintenance and repair

We are the best Sewer Cleaning Service. Our highly trained team knows all aspects of the pipes in your home. We specialize in solving drain system problems . Besides, you can always get excellent customer service from our expert team.

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