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Things that should never go down your drain

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Things that should never go down your drain

Being a house owner is amazing, isn’t it? That great feeling of arriving after a long day and resting. Having the time to think of new stuff to put. Maybe renovate the whole living room or more. Now, it is all fun until something stops working and we wish a maintenance guide came with the house. One of the parts that require a lot of maintenance is the draining system. And don’t worry, here in Abarca Sewer we got you covered. Today we tell you about things that should never go down your drain.
When we see a brand new sink the first thing that comes to mind is “yes, this can shred anything”. Why not? It is new. Well, that is the first mistake you are doing. And don’t worry! We can help you prevent it. Sometimes we are not aware of how the drainage system in Chicago works. There’s a lot of things that affect how the drainage works and will eventually cause clogging. With our Drain Cleaning Chicago services, you can rest easy. But first, let us tell you about everything you need to avoid throwing down your drain.

Coffee Grounds

One of the greatest joys of the morning is a nice cup of coffee. If you have a coffee machine and some coffee beans then it is even better. You fire up that machine and make a nice cup for yourself What do you do after? Well, if you are in a hurry then the fastest thing to do is pour everything down the drain. Coffee and its ground. Well, believe it or not, that coffee ground is hard to get rid of. One may think that because the coffee is ground it will dissolve. Not really. The coffee ground can stay for a lot of time in your drain and eventually gather even more stuff that will clog it.

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Speaking of morning things, scrambled eggs are amazing. They are so quick to do and you don’t even need professional cooking skills. They are an amazing breakfast to do whenever you don’t have a lot of time. Speaking of time, have you ever thrown those eggshells down your drain? A lot of us have and it is bad. Even if they are ground by the garbage disposal that is not the end of it. With the eggshells become smaller fragments they can mix up with other greasy or oily substances. If this happens you will surely need some help. Power Rodding Chicago is an amazing technique to get rid of any stuff that is clogging your drainage.
Remember that a lot of things can affect your drain more than others and there are things that should never go down your drain. For more questions about drain cleaning remember to contact us. And do not forget to schedule your appointment if you need help!

Paper Towels

Now, this might be a bit of contradictory advice to give because we usually throw Paper Towels down the drain but, when is it too much? One thing that happens when a lot of paper towels are thrown is that they get stuck with the other things that are down there. Mainly grease and even food residues. When this happens, the effect that it has on your drain is huge. Sometimes the clog can become even bigger and harder to remove. In this case, a good service of Power Rodding Chicago might be the best option. This technique helps by removing even the toughest clogging cases. We could also recommend Hydro Jetting Chicago services. In the end, it will all depend on what you need. If you don’t know which one to choose then you can check everything about the differences between hydro jetting and power rodding here.

Cotton Swabs

Everybody uses these ones. It is very common. Sometimes we are in a rush when we finish taking our shower and what do we do? We either throw them down the toilet or in the sink. Cotton is a horrible material to throw down the drain. As you know it will not be the only thing down there. Eventually, it will get caught up with other products and make things more difficult for your drainage system. Now, if you add a plastic rod to all that it’ll get even worse. If this has happened to you already then you know how important is a Drain Cleaning Chicago service. It is almost essential to get one if you are having difficulties because of these materials. Hiring a Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in Chicago is not bad but it can be avoided.