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At Abarca Sewer, we have practical and efficient methods. We have new techniques to solve all draining problems. 

We are all updated to keep us ahead in our industry. Also, we work and practice a highly ethical clean environment and workmanship.  

Moreover, for each one of our customers, we offer a touch of class. It means, we give our clients top notch service, satisfaction, and guaranteed. 

We have over 20 years in sewer and drain cleaning;  specializing in power Rodding, hydro jetting, and camera inspections.

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Sewer Cleaning Cicero, IL 

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We have been in the drain cleaning business for 20 years. And, we offer the best service at affordable prices!

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Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Chicago, IL

Abarca Sewer & Drain Service has been proudly serving the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. We have experience in everything related to Sewer and Drain Cleaning. With our group of licensed and professional experts, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Drain and Sewer Cleaning is something you have to do constantly and if you don’t know how to do it or when here we have all the information for you.

Our company will surely offer you a long-lasting solution for any Drainage maintenance, cleaning, and repair you need. We have the best Hydro Jetting in Chicago that will clean all your pipes, getting rid of the most difficult obstructions.

Most don’t think about their sewer and drain lines until there’s a problem. However, this can cause damage and result in costly repairs. To prevent clogged drains and overflowing toilets, preventative maintenance is a must. Our pumblers can handle drain clearing, cleaning, and repairs. We use video cameras to inspect your pipes. In this way, we find the source of your problem. We will restore the flow in no time.

Best Sewer Cleaning in the Chicagoland area

We can solve all kind of draining problems. Also, we are licensed and insured. We have over  20 years serving our community with passion and dedication.

We offer a reliable team who can solve drainage problems of all kinds. Besides, we can repair a main sewer line or a drain line. Certainly, we always have technicians ready to assist you. Moreover, our rates are affordable. 

Additionally, we adjust to your needs and time. We are also proud to offer quality work the entire community. So, trust us! And, you will get a personalized service. Also, you will get the best results ever!

Do you know how the Chicago Sewer System works?

The Chicago Sewer System is a complex one. Knowing how it works is useful for everybody, especially when you have a drainage emergency. When trying to fix anything related to your drainage or sewage it is important to either be informed or have people there to help you throughout the process. In Abarca Sewer Chicago we have professional people who are prepared to fix and inspect anything that has to do with your sewer.

One thing that we have to understand about the Chicago Sewer System is that it was built 100 years ago, at least the majority of it. That is why we need to be extra careful when dealing with any of it. Trying to do any DIY fixes might cause a problem or two, it is not recommended given how complex this system is. 


If you have ever experienced overflows, clogging, or more it might e because Chicago has grown in the last years and the system takes its toll. If you are afraid of what might happen to your drainage, we recommend getting an inspection. This is the best way to prevent any drainage-related issues. 

Cleaning and maintaining your drainage is easy as long as you have the right people there with you. You can call us at any moment and we’ll be there for you.

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Our History

Sewer Cleaning Gary, IN

We are a family company at heart.We love the community, families, and business in Chicago. This is what has have kept us working for over 20 years. Abarca Sewer will always offer quality service.

Sewer Cleaning Gary, IN

We are proud to be a Chicago minority owned business. For over 20 years our business has provided professional & emergency drain cleaning services.  Above all, we value responsibility to our community.

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Camera Inspection from Sanitary Stack to City Sewer

Power Rodding Mainline from Clean out Station

Hydro Cleaning a Sewer Line

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The Best Drain Rodding Chicago Service

Don’t worry! We offer the best Sewer and Drain Cleaning Chicago . Our highly trained team knows all aspects of the pipes in your home. Besides, we specialize in solving problems with the drainage system. You can always get excellent customer service from our expert team.

Don’t let your clog turn into an expensive issue. Our skilled team offers the best drain cleaning services throughout the Chicagoland area. We can get your sewer system working well in no time. So, why wait? Contact us today for your Power Rodding Chicago.

  • We work according to your schedule, and we’re always available for you.
  • Our experts are highly qualified and will assist you in all the process.
  • We offer the best prices and efficient customer service to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Even if the job entails more work than originally anticipated, our quoted price remains the same.sewer



You need a sewer and drain line inspection if:

  • You haven’t had the sewer and drain lines inspected in over 8 years.
  • Since you’re buying an older home, it is important to make sure everything’s in order.
  • You’ve noticed certain problems like slow drains, one or two clogged drains, and clogged toilets.


Sewer and drain line inspection: What to expect

Our sewer and drain services in Chicago can help you in everything you need. Starting with a video camera inspection. Our sewer and drain technicians run a video cable down sewer branch lines. These branch lines lead from your drains into the main sewer line. Then, with the images captured, or technicians can handle any sewer and drain line problems, such as clogs, cracks, and so much more.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Abarca Sewer offer?

We know that when you hire a drain cleaning company you are always looking for one that not only offers your normal and simple cleaning but, much more! Here we have a variety of services that range from Sewer and Drain Cleaning to Drain Inspection and even Power Rodding and Hydro Jetting. All of this with our goal to give you the best service.

2. What type of techniques do you use to clear clogged drains?

Depending on the situation and the state of your drains we will either recommend Hydro Jetting or Power Rodding. Both techniques are highly effective and but we will evaluate first before using any. Every drainage system works differently and one might result more effective than the other depending on the case.

3. What is the difference between Hydro Jetting and Power Rodding?

Both are highly effective ways to clear a sewage drain. However, they do have some differences.
Hydro Jetting uses high-pressure water to dissolve anything that might be blocking your drainage. Power Rodding on the other hand uses a specific device that cuts and destroys everything that is blocking your drainage pipes.

Looking for the best Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Chicago?

Our drain cleaning company offers you excellent service. Need sewer line cleanout? We can handle everything from repairing to installing sewer systems. Likewise, our drain and sewer cleaning services are personalized so that you benefit the most from it. We treat each case with care and efficiency because you deserve only the best.
Sewer or drain cleaning Chicago? At Abarca Sewer, you get excellent service at the best prices. Furthermore, we offer emergency repairs in case you need us. We are ready to meet all your needs since we can handle any project. Our certified Chicago experts have years of experience. So, why wait? If you hire a professional drain cleaning company in Chicago, satisfaction is guaranteed. Also, our staff will assess you throughout the process in case you have any doubts. Call now for the best experts for both your office or home.

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